Friday, October 25, 2013

Dosa Milagai Podi

Dosa Milagai podi is a dry powder of dhals and red chilli and serves as a side dish for Idli/Dosa.It is mixed with gingelly oil and served.

Dosa/idli Milagai Podi


channa dhal(Kadala Paruppu)
½ cup
Urad dhal whole(Ulutham Paruppu)
½ cup
Red chilli(see note below)
1 cup
White sesame seeds
1 tblsp
1 tsp
1 small piece
1 tsp


roasted dhals and red chilli

Redchilli powdered

Dhals powdered with red chilli

Dosa Milagai podi

  • Heat a Kadai and fry both the dhals,sesame seeds till golden in colour.Transfer to a plate to cool.
  • Fry the asafoetida powder slightly in the same kadai and add to the dhal.
  • Now add 1 tsp oil,add red chilli and fry them.Allow to cool. 
  • First grind the red chilli in a mixie to a fine powder.Now add the fried dhal,jaggery and grind till you get a slightly coarse powder. 
  • Finally add salt and pulse for a minute.Store in an airtight container.
  • I usually measure red chilli(comes to around 20 chillies approximately),take around 8 chillies and replace them with kashmiri chilli to get a nice colour.
  • Adding little jaggery won't give any sweet taste to the powder,skip if you don't prefer.
  • I have given the approximate quantity of salt,increase/decrease a little depending on the hotness of the chilli used.


  1. Flavorful and handy podi...fav side dish with idly and dosa...I can't able to eat idly without this....

  2. my kids love idli podi,but i don't add jaggery to it.well made

  3. I can't live without them. I even add them in my stirfry Gayathri very nice.

  4. Its awesome though I have never made it. However have tasted in Indian restaurants and its one of my fav, esp for the spicy taste.

  5. very nice preperation.super!!!

  6. Adding jiggery is new to me . loved the podi.


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