Monday, September 24, 2012

Corn flakes Mixture

I like to make snacks which is healthy as well as easy to prepare.This Cornflakes mixture is one such snack which is different from the regular mixture which is deep-fried.Here I have roasted all the ingredients using minimum oil.Try it and am sure you will like it too.

Corn flakes mixture

Corn flakes mixture

Corn flakes
½ cup
Poha(Rice flakes) Thin/Medium variety
½ cup
¼ cup
Roasted gram dhal(pottukadalai)
2 tblsp
Golden raisins(kismis)
2 tblsp
Curry leaves
as needed
Chilli powder
as needed
Turmeric powder
 A pinch
A pinch
3 tsp

Roasting the poha

Roasting peanuts and raisins

corn flakes mixture-low fat

  • Heat a pan and add 1 tsp oil and add the Poha(rice flakes/Aval) first.Spread it out evenly and fry till they pop up a bit and turn slightly golden.Transfer to a plate.
  • Add 1/2 tsp oil and fry the cornflakes in the same way till they puff up a bit.Transfer to a plate.
  • Add little oil and fry the peanuts and keep aside.
  • Fry the Raisins till they plump up and keep aside.
  • Finally add 1 tsp oil and add the roasted Gram dhal followed by Asafoetida and chopped curry leaves.Once the Gram dhal is roasted add all the previously roasted items Poha,cornflakes,peanuts,raisins.Add salt,chilli powder,turmeric powder and mix well.Corn flakes mixture is ready.Store in an air-tight container.
  • Roasting in a Fry pan is easy than roasting in a kadai as the fry pan has flat surface we can roast them quickly and evenly.
  • Adding cashewnuts or other nuts is optional.I din't add any.I used store bought cornflakes (kellogs) regular one.


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