Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sambar Sadam

I am posting a quick and easy way to make sambar sadam.Rice and sambar are prepared seperately and mixed together in this recipe. 

sambar sadam


Raw rice
½ cup
Toor dhal
½ cup
Small lime sized
Vegetables chopped into big cubes
1 ½  cups
Small onion
Sambar powder
2 tsp
as needed
Mustard seeds
1 tsp
Red chilli
Methi seeds
½ tsp
¼ tsp
Curry leaves
as needed
1 tblsp


sambar sadam

  • Pressure cook rice and toor dhal seperately and keep aside.
  • Extract 2 cups of tamarind juice .
  • Chop the vegetables into big cubes. I have used white pumpkin,carrot,capsicum and drumstick.If using drumstick,cut them into small sticks and cook them with water in a pan seperately and keep ready.
  • Heat a pan,add oil followed by mustard seeds,red chilli,methi seeds,asafoetida and curry leaves. Add the small onions and cook till they turn light brown.
  • Now add the tomato and other vegetables and saute till they shrink in volume.
  • Add the tamarind juice,sambar powder and salt and boil till the raw smell of tamarind and sambar powder goes off.
  • Mash the cooked toor dhal nicely with a ladle and add to the sambar.You can adjust the consistency by adding little water.
  • Boil for few minutes till the dhal blends nicely with the sambar.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.sambar is ready.
  • To make sambar rice,mix the cooked rice little by little to the prepared sambar.Add rice till you get perfect consistency.Drizzle little ghee on top and serve with Chips or papad.


  1. This two in one dish is tempting but never tried before. I will and I shall very soon.

  2. yummy recipe, can be enjoyed anytime...


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