Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

This is my post for Blogging Marathon #22 and am participating for the first time.This week I will be posting under "Kids Special-Healthy makeover".I made these Eggless Brownies using Hung curd and got good results.I have not used butter in this recipe instead used Hung curd with some oil to get the right texture and taste.

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Eggless Chocolate Brownies using Hung Curd


1 cup
Sugar(I used light brown sugar)
½ cup
Hung curd(see note below)
¼ cup
¼ cup
Cocoa powder
3 tblsp
Baking powder
¾ tsp
Baking soda
¼ tsp
Vanilla essence
1 tsp
½ cup approximately
Walnuts chopped
¼ cup

Batter for Chocolate Brownie

Brownies before and after baking

Eggless Brownies

Eggless brownies with chocolate frosting

  • Preheat oven to 180 º C.
  • Sift flour with baking powder,baking soda and cocoa powder.keep aside.
  • Take a mixing bowl and mix hung curd with brown sugar and oil.Add vanilla essence and half of the milk and mix well using a hand whisk.
  • Now add the sifted flour,walnuts and mix using a spatula till it is incorporated with the sugar-oil-hung curd mixture.Add the remaining milk till you get the right consistency of the batter.The batter will be slightly thick.
  • Spread this evenly on a greased and floured cake pan and bake at 180 ºC for about 20 mins .
  • When the top is firm and if a toothpick inserted comes clean then its done.
  • Remove the pan from the oven.Once it cools completely and comes to room temperature you can slice.
  • Enjoy it plain or with your favourite icecream.
  • I topped it with some melted chocolate before serving.
  • I have used Brown sugar in this recipe and you can substitute with white granulated sugar.
  • You can use thick yogurt instead of hung curd.
  • The chocolate frosting is optional.I just melted some dark chocolate in a bowl over a vessel of simmering water and added little powdered sugar and butter and used it as frosting.
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  1. wow these brownies look just perfect..bookmarked!!

  2. the last picture is absolutely fabulous...makes me matter how many brownies i have made

  3. Omg,such a super moist brownies, wish i get for my dessert with few scoops of icecream..Beautifully done with hung curd Gayathri,interesting.

  4. Welcome to the BM group and brownies looks so soft, eggless and with hungcurd interesting recipe...

  5. Welcome to the BM. Must I say your brownies are such a treat to the eye and I am sure they tasted awesome!..though I use curds, never tried with hung curds, I am sure it makes it more spongy...Love that look too..

  6. Browines look perfect.I have used curd but not hung curd. Will try your version.

  7. I like brownies and my sister she loves them. And she loves brownies made by me all the more. My first attempt at them was way to buttery but she ate the whole thing saying that they are the best. Brownies always remind me of her and her love for that. Will surely try your recipe. :)

  8. Brownies with curd sounds healthy and delicious.

  9. wonderful low fat brownie and Welcome to the BM group!!!

  10. Brownies looks delicious thanks for sharing the eggless version.

  11. Am just loving them.......hummmmmmmmm

  12. I have tried with yogurt one, but it was an abysmal failure! But you seem to have better luck than mine :). Nice brownies!

  13. The brownies are looking perfect. Love the fluffy texture and they are so tempting.

  14. I love choco recipes and brownie is my weakness


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