Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudhana khichdi is a simple khichdi made using Pearlsago/sabudana/Javarisi and I learnt this recipe from a youtube video.Though there are other ways you can make it,I have read this version is usually made during fasting as it has no onions.Though I don't make it frequently I would like to have it once in a while as a light tiffin/snack.

Sabudana khichdi


Sago (sabudhana)
1 cup
¼ cup
Ginger finely chopped
½ tblsp
Green chilli finely chopped
as needed
Coriander leaves chopped
as needed
Cumin seeds
1 tsp
1 tblsp
1 tsp

sabudana soaked and mixed with peanut powder

making of sabudana khicdi

Sabudana khichdi

Sabudana khichdi

  • Wash sabudana well and take it in a bowl and add water till the sabudana is just should not add more water as you do for soaking rice/dhal.Cover it and keep aside for 6-8 hrs.
  • Boil potato and chop it roughly.
  • Roast peanuts,remove the outer skin and powder it and keep aside.
  • When you press a soaked sabudana between your fingers it should mash easily.Now its ready for making khichdi.
  • Add the peanut powder and salt needed to the sabudana and mix well.
  • Take a kadai,add oil,ghee and add Cumin seeds first followed by chopped ginger and green chilli.Add the potato and fry for a minute.
  • Add the sabudana mixed with peanut powder and mix gently.
  • Keep the flame in low and cook for 5-6 mins stirring gently in between.Don't cover the khichdi while cooking as it may turn sticky
  • You know that its ready when the sago turns from white to translucent.
  • Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve.


  1. Delicious and healthy kichadi. Love it. My mother in law makes best sadudana kichadi.


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