Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sub Sandwich

Whenever we go out I always prefer Subway sandwich to Burger.I am posting my way of making 'subway style' sandwich here. I have added only French dressing (The one which I used here is egg-free).You can add Mayonnaise,Mustard sauce,Thousand Island dressing etc if you prefer.I am giving the base and you can make it your own style.

Sub style Sandwich


Sandwich Bread
Lettuce ,Cucumber,capsicum,White onion ,olives       -    as needed
French dressing             -  as needed
Cheese slices                 -   as needed

Adding veggies

Adding dressing and cheese

Sub sandwich

  • Chop Lettuce leaves,white onion,capsicum,cucumber and olives.
  • Cut the sandwich loaf horizontally.Don't cut it all through.
  • On the bottom layer,arrange a layer of lettuce leaves,place white onion cucumber,capsicum and olives over it.
  • Add the French dressing(or dressing of your choice) on the top.
  • Top it up with another layer of lettuce leaves.Place cut slice of cheese on the top layer.Close the layers and your sandwich is ready.
  • Use Sliced pickled Jalapenos if you prefer it spicy.
  • You can also toast the bread after slicing until slightly browned in the oven and proceed with arranging the veggies.

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